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Welcome to the nuthouse! Please take a minute to sign my guestbook! Or, you can email me at texlurch@yahoo.com

My old homepage can be found at http://www.cardomain.com/ride/190723

or  http://www.cardomain.com/ride/199561 (lots of project stuff)

And while you are at it, check out my friend Tim's site at  http://camaroz28.cardomain.com/id/speedmiser


None of the Cardomain sites have been updated in a while, and I am moving the current stuff over to this page, so take a sec to look around.

There is lots of good stuff on those pages tho......







A couple of pics

Here is my camaro which was sold to my buddy who passed away and no one knows where it is today...


(with the old 671 and big block) Click here to read about it

There is lots of info on my homepage about the 68, but here is the gist:

Back-half  "Pro Street" car, fiberglass tilt front end

96 LT1 fuel injected motor, controlled by Accell DFI

Twin Turbos, twin intercoolers, dual K&N filters

T350 trans, 31 x 16.5 Hoosiers Quick Time DOT tires

Owner built, one piece at a time!

This is what the car looks like now (on a chassis dyno, before the twins arrived):

The mess under the hood of the 68:  Click here to see the buildup

And here are some newer pics of the car:

Here is a pic of my friend Tim's 93 Z28, which was parted out and the drivetrain kept to install in the 68

And here is the old 68, with Tim's motor going together before he passed away... too bad we never got to see it run. 383 with splayed port heads, BIG solid roller, fogger, 12 psi Procharger, alky injection and intercooler.